BSセラピーとは(about the BS Therapy)
BSセラピーとは(about the BS Therapy)


BSセラピーとは(about the BS Therapy)









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About the Brainstem Therapy

Brainstem is the area at the base of the brain that lies between the deep structures of the cerebral hemispheres and the cervical spinal cord. The brainstem houses many of the control centres for vital body functions, such as swallowing, breathing, and vasomotor control(※1). While the brainsten involved in some kind of psychic or undiscovered abilities, and there are quite a lot of people studying on this field.

Therefore, it must be said that the brainstem has a seemingly limitless potential. In Japan, one chiropractor Kouji Komagawa, the inventor of the BS Therapy, came to conclude that "Activating the brainstem is essential to activate the natural healing capacity of our bodies" based on his clinical experiences from totally 250 thousand cases, then he invented a method of the brainstem activation by simple movements in 2008(※2). The BS Therapy is also known as the "yawning lion method" because of its movements. In this method, you lie down on a bed and open and close your mouth like a yawning lion repeatedly as following the instructions of a practitioner. The aim of this movements is to put a load on the joint region of the musculus pterygoideus lateralis and the sphenoid bone to stimulate the brainstem. By means of this method, the brainstem begins to be activated and innate natural healing capacity also to be activated and enhanced(※2). According to the reports of his clients, there is extensive evidence demonstrating that BS Therapy can be an efficacious and effective method for a varied set of commonly experienced mental health and health conditions including atopy skin rash, sciatica, poor circulation, depression and so many other disorders of unknown causes(※2).

It is noteworthy that one expert of "Shichida Child Academy", a private educational agency dedicating to explore potentiality of kids, made a comment on Komagawa's book admitting the importance of activating of the brainstem, saying brainstem-stimulating has resulted in great improvement for a number of cases of autism and mental disorder(※2).

Once again, the brainstem has a seemingly limitless potential.   

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